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Monetizing Relationships via Concierge Medicine in Large Groups

How Concierge Medicine Can Add Value in Your Long-Term Practice Strategy

Concierge Medicine: Across the Country

The Value of Concierge Medicine

Why Successful Practices Choose Concierge Firms

Concierge Medicine Is Not Like Portrayal on TV

Patients Embrace Hybrid Concierge Medicine

Key Differences between Direct Pay Practices and Concierge Practices

Using Concierge Medicine to Add Value at Retirement, Sales, or Mergers

Now is the Best Time to Start a Concierge Program in Your Practice

Key Advice for Physicians Considering Concierge Medicine

Concierge Practice Success Requires Defining What Patients Value

Autonomy vs. Employment: Concierge Care Can Help Physicians Decide

Finding growth when the business of healthcare and practice management are rocky

Health Reform Doesn't Mean the End of Independent Medical Practices

Don't Just Collect Patient Payments at Your Practice; Provide Value

Specialists’ Role in Easing Primary-care Physician Shortages

Hybrid Concierge vs. Direct Pay: Considerations for Physicians

The Hospital Employment Shuffle

Consider Concierge Medicine Before Becoming Just Another Employee

Why Concierge Medicine May Be Better Than a Large Physician Group

Concierge Medicine Can Ease Escalating EHR Requirements

Concierge Medicine Can Prevent Healthcare from Becoming a Commodity

Physicians' Most Common Concierge Medicine Questions

Concierge Medicine as a Consumer-based Quality Measure

Tackling the Assumptions about Concierge Medicine

Pricing Concierge Medicine Programs Not as Easy as it Looks

Specialists Need to Weigh Various Factors in Considering Concierge

Concierge Medicine Helps Physicians Retool for the Inevitable Future

Health IT Gadgets Great, But Concierge Medicine about Personal Touch

Valuing Time and Personalized Care via Concierge Medicine

ACOs: Keys to Incentivizing Excellence Evident in Concierge Care

Lessons to Be Learned from Concierge Medicine’s Approach to Physicals

Can We Create a Realistic and Financially Viable Medical Home?

Tapping The Value in Personal Relationships Via Concierge Medicine

Current Reimbursement System Devalues Primary-care Physicians

Two Tiers? America Has Multi-tiered Healthcare Now

Tips to Be a Good Physician and a Good Business Person

Physicians in Concierge Practices Get More Patient Respect

Supreme Court Decision a Chance for Physicians to Consider Change

Is a Bigger Medical Practice Always Better?

ACOs: An Old Idea in Healthcare with A New Name

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