How Concierge Medicine Can Add Value in Your Long-Term Practice Strategy

Posted by Wayne Lipton on Jul 29 2014

Retiring, merging or selling may be a future you see for your practice. A concierge model is something that can be considered no matter which of these options you envision for your practice's future.

I am frequently asked how concierge models are appropriate for so many various futures. This is because concierge medicine:

  • Adds a predictable and stable source of revenue New Call-to-action
  • Empowers the physicians by strengthening their relationship with the patient 
  • The flexibility of a hybrid model allows the physician to retain traditional and concierge patients therefore they can still participate in in downstream revenue and large scale referrals

Whether you are looking to retire, merge or sell your practice, patient retention is the most important aspect of this process. To find out more about how a marketing company can help you with patient retention, click below! 



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