Concierge Medicine: Across the Country

Posted by Wayne Lipton on Jun 4 2014

Concierge medicine is no longer confined to the major cities of the country. Due to the changes in supply and demand - on both the patient and physician side - concierge medicine in Middle America has become a reality.

Characteristics that make concierge practices in Middle America successful include:

  • Willingness to commute
  • Shorter wait times152157805
  • Secure relationships
  • Connection to community
  • Personalization

Many physicians are surprised to find out that a concierge practice would be viable in their area. I ask them to look at a map of their immediate area, is there a Starbucks close by? If people are willing to pay $3 - $5 for a cup of coffee, they are willing to spend money on the kind of health care they feel that they deserve. 

This simple test is just one way to find out if a concierge practice is right for you. To find out more click below!


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