The Value of Concierge Medicine

Posted by Wayne Lipton on May 28 2014

It is crucial to the success of a concierge practice that the physician is appropriately compensated and the patient values the services that they are receiving, equally.

Concierge medicine is centered on non-covered services, as well as secondary benefits such as:

  • Convenience 
  • Time 
  • Advocacy
  • AdviceNew Call-to-action
  • Relationship
  • Family Services
  • Enhanced Connection

The combination of these benefits is what draws the patients to their physician's concierge program.

It is also important that a physician is adequately compensated for the services that they offer so that, in the end, they walk away with a net gain in revenue. 

Certainly there is a "sweet spot" with respect to price. This price point balances the physician's desire for a steady cash flow with the patient's want to further enhance their relationship with their doctor; it is where both sides benefit.

An outside company proves to be helpful in finding this balance because they can determine an individualized price for each physician's unique practice. To find out more information about how a concierge medical firm can help your practice, click above! 

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