Why Successful Practices Choose Concierge Firms

Posted by Wayne Lipton on May 21 2014

Is it possible for a doctor to introduce a concierge program to his or her practice on their own, without the help of an outside concierge firm?

My reply to this familiar question is that it is possible, but quite difficult. I challenge the doctors to consider all of the factors that go into starting a successful concierge practice:
  • Time
  • MoneyNew Call-to-action
  • Knowledge
  • Sales

Are these areas of the doctor's expertise? Naturally, the answer is no, practicing medicine is their expertise. The success of a concierge practice is divided among clinical interaction, practice support, marketing, sales and administrative services.

That being said, a concierge medical firm can provide a practice with integrative solutions to develop the most fitting program to further the success of each individual practice.

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